Vehicle Graphics

Using Print and Cut for Vehicle Graphics 

Because this process can use almost every option in the “Print-and-Cut toolbox”, Vehicle Graphics are quite possibly the most fun you can have as a Rankin Tech! Our most talented and experienced Techs address these projects.

Vehicles pose unique needs and recommend you consider the following checklist: 

  • Surface preparation: A clean vehicle is absolutely necessary. However, do not wax it prior.
  • Effective Communication: As “rolling bill boards”, its important to not only catch the viewer’s attention, but to communicate your message, quickly. You only have a few seconds.
  • Color: Both the color of the vehicle as well as the color of the applied graphics will affect visibility and legibility.
  • Location ON the vehicle: Since graphics can be applied to almost any surface, planning for the overall need is important. Door or side panels have vehicle specific seams and fixed windows can support graphics using the appropriate media.
  • Lifespan: Do you want the longest service possible or is “dressing the vehicle” part of a scheduled event?

Once complete, the Rankin Textile Tech will perform a quality check and will then apply the graphics to the vehicle

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