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Using Print and Cut on T-Shirts 

Print-and-Cut is an amazingly flexible process of applying graphics to apparel at lower quantities. If you’ve looked at dark or intense colored T-Shirts and thought “If only my design could show up on THAT!” then Rankin Textile Printing has an answer for you!

By using vector or other prepared art files, a trim area is determined and prepared for production. Art files are digitally printed to media of various opacity: If the apparel is light in color, the media is transparent; If dark or intense, the media is opaque. This allows the design to stand out on it’s own and really use the color of the apparel to its greatest impact for your design.

Once the art has been prepared and printed, the excess material is cut and weeded away. Print-and-Cut designs are applied via heat transfer by using a plastic “carrier” sheet in conjunction with an adhesive laminator. At this stage, a Rankin Tech lifts the image from the carrier with the heat transfer mask, and carefully positions it on the apparel. Heat is applied and the masking material is removed.

Because one of the things most customers are interested in is durability, Rankin ensures use of the proper inks and chemistries. Dyes and adhesives must be specifically selected according to the fabric on which they’re applied. Cotton, cotton/polyester, polyester, nylon, polypropylene and even spandex require transfer materials that will properly bond to their fabric type. Once the fabric and material compatibility is settled, you can begin to shop for type of fabric.

When choosing a material for YOUR design consider the uses:  Thick – Thin – Soft – Rugged, even apparel with metallic threads, glitter or reflective qualities can be used for this style of print, adding another interesting dimension to your design and apparel.

With optimum batches between 1 and 12  pieces, this has become a popular way for small teams to wear big idea-designs.

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