Using Print and Cut for Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl Stickers can be used in many different types of applications and are easily created with our print and cut process.

Artwork can be created in a graphics application like Photoshop, Illustrator or scanned and prepared for production. When speaking with your Rankin Tech, describe your intended use for the project including any specialty contour for the finished shape of your vinyl sticker. Custom Vinyl Stickers are available with transparent backgrounds, opaque and even reverse print for application to interior windows for doors and vehicles.

Once that’s decided, the Rankin Tech will prepare the file by determining the proper trim with the customer. Simple squares or circles are often used and in many cases a custom contour is created. The next item used by the Rankin Tech is the material on which the image is being printed. A wide selection is available and your Tech will recommend the one best suited to your application.

As part of our process, Rankin uses printing equipment that both prints and cuts within a single machine. This is a great benefit to our customers since it allows us to greatly shorten the delivery time as well as increase quality: By keeping the process within a single piece of production equipment, image and cut line registration is automatic!

Once complete, the Rankin Tech will perform a quality check and ship your custom vinyl stickers.

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