Metal Prints

What are Metal Prints?

Another application for dye sublimation is Printing on Metal.  One of the comments we often hear is “It looks SO dimensional!”  Yes indeed it does! While the material is typically around 1/16thof an inch, the images printed display an amazing sense of depth. 

What are the Advantages of Metal Prints? 

  • Beauty!  The metal substrate materials provide vivid reproduction of color and clarity
  • Durability!  Rankin Textile Printing uses Chromaluxe®. This surface is the longest lasting photo-medium available, being fade-resistant, scratch-resistant and less subject to moisture damage.
  • Convenience!  These materials are so stable they can be cleaned using a soft, damp cloth.
  • Options! Materials come in Silver, White, Gloss and Matte. Each production option provides a striking display.


When it comes to showing off your metal prints, the material’s stability provides our customers with many options. Prints can be inserted into traditional frames with or without glass, mounted directly to a wall or other surface or used within a shadow box. If you’re looking for something unique, larger images can be “sectioned” and spread over several “tiles” creating an interesting mosaic effect.


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