Inks We Use

Willflex Epic Inks for Screen Printing

Wilflex provides a variety of solutions for textile printing, including athletic, bases and additives, color mixing, non-PVC, transfer, and white inks. Wilflex Epic puts the most advanced non-phthalate ink technology to work for you. Simple to use and easy to print, Epic inks are based on well-known and time-tested formulations from our classic line of inks. The Epic line now features a full range of products including: a finished ink mixing system, a base and pigment mixing system, texture inks, specialties, metallics, and many others. For market conditions that require non-phthalate inks, make the move to Wilflex Epic.  Rankin Textile Printing only uses the leading manufacturing inks to produce the best prints for you products.

Below you can see some of the Wilflex inks we use.

Sculpture Base

Wilflex Sculpture Base

Wilflex™ Epic Sculpture Base is a specially formulated non-phthalate plastisol ink base designed for high density printing. Printed images can have either a smooth or textured surface depending on mesh counts and printing parameters. Epic Sculpture Base also controls the smallest design details– even with high density printing.

  • Smooth high density textured base. 
  • Tough and stretchable. 
  • Excellent adhesion to fabrics. 
  • Can be used on light or dark grounds. 
  • Excellent wash properties. 
  • Can be used in high density or conventional flat screens.

HD Clear

Wilflex HD Clear

Use High Density Clear to create special effects, such as the appearance of glass, gel, water or high gloss surfaces.

  • High gel gloss appearance
  • Excellent adhesion to fabrics
  • Super elongation and stretch
  • Excellent wash properties
  • For light or dark fabric grounds (Best on darks)
  • Use as an overprint clear on printed colors and metallic inks.

Bubble Stretch

Wilflex Bubble Stretch

BubbleStretch Base has been specially formulated to create an opaque textured and highly stretchable ink surface. The ink when cured provides a semi-gloss finish which is embellished with tiny pits and craters. BubbleStretch can be used with or without high density graphics.

  • Textured pitted surface 
  • Unique textured semi-gloss appearance 
  • Embossed finished 
  • Super elongation 
  • High tensile stretch and strength 
  • Can be used as high density ink as well as a conventional flat print ink. 
  • Excellent wash properties 
  • For light or dark fabric grounds

Natural Suede

Wilflex Suede

Wilflex Natural Suede inks can be used to produce a printed graphic with a soft, Suede/Velvet finish that has a soft hand and is highly durable. This product assists the printer in creating fashion graphic concepts and new age designer finishes.

  • Natural Suede is a textile, direct-print ink system.
  • Produce a printed graphic that feels like suede.
  • Use on light or dark colored textiles.
  • Highly durable with excellent wash resistance.
  • No odor.


Wilflex Puff Additive

Wilflex™ Epic Flexipuff Additive is formulated to be mixed with Wilflex Epic Inks to give a raised or elevated effect.

  • Can be used with any Epic Standard Color ink. 
  • Allows printers to conserve reduced stock, especially Epic NuPuff inks. 
  • Matte finish.

Shimmer and Glitter

Wilflex Epic Shimmer

Epic metallic inks can be used in many printing applications such as low density (flat) printing, high-density printing, fine detail work as well as other specialty applications.