What Makes Embroidered Apparel Unique?

Embroidered apparel makes a classy statement. From standard professional stitching to custom 3D, specialty threads and fill patterns, your organization’s golf shirts, jackets and hats will be noticed and remembered.

Rankin Textile embroidery can accommodate designs up to 15-inches wide and down to 14-point type for details. While applying your creativity, take advantage of our experience and bring out the best in your designs. We’ve discovered outstanding match-ups for color, texture and durability between embroidery threads and the fabrics to which they’re applied.

Things to Know About Embroidery Orders

So many designs are prepared for printing or use on websites and the requirements differ greatly. It’s not uncommon for some designs to require modification to ensure great embroidery reproduction:

  • Fabric texture can have a considerable affect on the overall look. Nylon’s smooth finish often sets the stage for a beautiful piece. However, fabrics with more distinct texture can alter the plan for reproducing your design.
  • Text sizes as small as ¼” in height will, in most cases, reproduce as expected. But smaller text may require adjustment prior to production.
  • Embroidery uses threads (instead of ink) to apply the image, therefore, color graduation or “fades” are often edited to achieve a shaded effect. Images as small as 1-inch- tall can be shaded to replicate the desired affect.

 Images provided for embroidery can range from hand-drawn to those created on a computer. Often, company logos are developed using vector applications (ie: Adobe Illustrator). In such cases, all type needs to be converted to paths before sending it, in order to avoid font compatibility issues. Once submitted, all artwork is reviewed for Digitizing prior to embroidery.

Regardless of the route needed to achieve your desired results, an experienced Rankin Textile Specialist will be here to help you every step of the way.