Custom embroidery allows a couple different effects during the process. When traditional embroidery may not be enough for you, using an effect below may add a more creative look and feel to your design.

Embroidery 3D or "Puff" Foam

To produce caps and other apparel with an exciting dimensional look, Rankin uses “3D-foam”. We recommend consulting with a Rankin Textile representative before preparing your artwork. While planning your design it’s advised to use this dimensional affect as an accent versus an entire piece. Once the foam is inserted, securing stitches are placed holding it against the fabric. Mapping this process is part of the Pathing file, created specifically for your design, by Rankin. While planning this type of technique, consider that stitching density for the use of 3D foam is traditionally much high than standard embroidery. Upon completion of the stitching, excess foam is removed to create a rich look and feel.

Embroidery Custom Fills

An element of many designs, large areas of color are accomplished with “fill stitching”. In many cases simple flat stitching is used to allow other areas of the design to become dominant. If you’re vision includes taking even simple areas to the next level, the direction of simple stitches can be alternated to create interesting visual effects. A tight “satin stitch” can be used to create a “satin look” and fill patterns can even be created using anything from geometric shapes to portions of your logo.