Metal Prints

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Metal Prints

You worked all year and saved for that trip to the tropics and it was worth every penny. Your were gone for almost 2 weeks, but now you and the family are back and ready to jump into daily life again.


Don’t let those pictures of your bride swimming with dolphins or your kids in grass skirts doing the hula hide on your hard drive, get them up on the walls where you can remember the fun and share it with your family and friends! Photo-panels can be produced in simple full images or create a unique montage of color and activity to really show off all the fun you had!

Safe and Stable

Produced on lightweight metal panels, this manner of image is “archival quality” creating one of the most stable and color-safe image reproductions available. Made to be cleaned with nothing more than a damp cloth, the Chromaluxe® process is scratch resistant, fade resistant and a long-lasting solution against the kind of moisture damage that traditional photo prints are subject to.

Why a Metal Surface?

The answer is simple: Beauty and durability! As with any image transfer system (like photo prints) what most people want is a clear and accurate image. Rankin’s use of the Chromaluxe® process ensures just that. In addition, the metal substrate is available in Silver, White. Both of these are available with matte or Gloss finish. Each has a unique display quality for your enjoyment.

Creating a Display

Not sure how to arrange them? Rankin Techs have the experience you need to put your images into an pleasing group. Maybe color shifting a few of the images to create a focal point is what you need. You can expect the Rankin Techs to have the experience and artistic flair to make your images more than just pictures on the wall, but memories to enjoy and share every day. 

Moments that Happen Only Once

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Photo Panel Sublimation

We know family and friends make almost any time special. But there are those moments that you plan weeks and months ahead, and suddenly they’re gone. Weddings, Junior Prom, High School Senior Ball. Its funny, we take more pictures than ever before and then they stay trapped in our phones. Set those images free!

You could just print and mount them. At least you could see them that way, but don’t your special times deserve to be preserved? We all enjoy reliving these moments in photos but most photo reproduction methods are delicate. Light, heat and moisture are their constant enemies.

But Rankin Textile has an amazing solution, Dye-Sublimation…on metal! That’s right, these beautiful photo-prints are reproduced on a metal substrate of either white or silver, creating striking color and clarity. Not only that but they’re amazingly stable. Rankin Techs use guaranteed Chromaluxe® products. These have proven to be the world’s most durable photo-medium available. Moisture resistant, fade resistant and easy to handle. Cleaning can be performed with a simple damp cloth. No chemicals or sprays. (Could that get any easier?)

And, thanks to the nature of the materials, Chromaluxe® metal prints can be inserted into frames or mounted directly to walls. With complete edge-to-edge printing beautiful photo-montages for large spaces can be created in your home or office. With multiple prints used to produce a continuous image or (for the more adventurous) create a large pattern and break it up with smaller images. Your Rankin Tech will be happy to advise you on how to select, crop and insert those images that mean so much to you.

Don’t allow your favorite peeps to hide away in your phone or computer. Friends, wife, husband, brides and grandkids…Let those images out to play! Relive the best times of your life and show your family and friends just how much they mean to you!