Specialty Shirts for Wedding Parties

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Specialty T-Shirts

OK, let’s just talk straight here. Dear Bride, your wedding party is very excited for you. Everyone believes you two are made for each other AND they’re looking forward to dancing at the biggest party of your life. And while the gents will be dashing in their tuxedoes, your girls are gonna get those dresses. We KNOW you think they’re wonderful, but…

Even though bride’s maid dresses will NEVER be worn again they are a tradition. So go one better and reward them with something they WILL keep and wear…A REALLY COOL SPECIALTY SHIRT.

Unique t-shirts for all of these special days are a great way to remember these milestones and set the stage for fun photography. From the engagement party to the wedding day, you can enjoy every step of the way with your family and friends and Rankin would be happy to help with our Specialty T-Shirt lines.

Starting with your engagement party.

Is your style SWEET?

 Specialty T-Shirts


 Specialty T-Shirts


Giving your wedding party, parents and grandparents something to remember and images to share and cherish is part of your thoughtfulness (and maybe a reward for making them wear those dresses)! Rankin will be happy to help you plan and design something that fits exactly what you had in mind.

Dye sublimation (aka “All over printing”), Embroidery or Sublitwill, Rankin Techs will recommend the process that best fits your idea and budget. Hey, you might even consider alternatives like ball caps to add a little flair to your fun.

Just let us know what you have in mind or if you’re at a loss. Rankin has produced LOTS of specialty pieces for events and teams over the years and we’re confident we can spark your creativity! Talk with us and create a specialty shirt or other piece of apparel that will commemorate your special days-to-come.


Rush Orders - Printing

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 Rush Order Tees

Yes, it WOULD be wonderful if life went exactly as planned and you had all the time you’d ever want to plan for birthdays, events and holidays. But since that almost NEVER happens, let’s talk about RUSH orders!

Life is busy. And with all the pressure of:

  • Keeping the boss happy…
  • Making your company…
  • Team or family deadlines…
  • End of school year graduations…
  • Wedding season and…
  • OMG is that the 4th of July right around the corner?!

Sometimes, finding time to design and then ORDER your apparel falls to the bottom of the stack.

So before you break out in a cold sweat, just pick up the phone.

It’s Rankin to the Rescue!

Our Rankin Techs understand how to get the job done and make YOU look good. Experienced in all the latest techniques; Dye SublimationAll-over Printing, and multiple means of image transfer, we got this for you.

Rush services are packaged by 1-week and 3-day options. Charges are quoted to fit you specific project but one thing Rankin NEVER charges for set-up and shipping for orders over $99 is FREE!

We can help you with the design, you can send your own completed or use our online design lab when signing up for a FREE account

Choosing the Right Font

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Choosing the Right Font

If you’re in the mood to start designing your own apparel, Rankin wants you to enjoy the process. After all, whether it’s your own company message or a personal event you want to commemorate, you want your guests to have fun, right? And it would be great if they wore that shirt again!

One of the most common questions we hear from customers who are designing on their own is, “Does this font look right to you?” If you’re interested in learning more about fonts and typography, you can find a wealth of information here.

Regardless of your event, typography is a very common design challenge and one almost everyone must consider. I mean, you were probably going to put some kind of message, group name or company slogan on there, right? So let’s have a look at ways to choose a font that fits your event for dye sublimation, embroidery, screen printing or other printing processes. Rankin’s FREE online custom design lab make it available for your use with a wide variety of fonts and design elements for your use. Let’s have a look at how we can make this easy for you.


Consider the CHARACTER of the event.

Is this a corporate event with polo shirts or a picnic with custom t-shirts?

If formal-more-corporate is the style of the day, BASIC fonts may be in order.

Custom Design Lab


The “Basic Fonts” in Rankin’s design lab are clean, simple and sure to convey your message while allowing your company or group logo to remain prominent. So for simple and supportive text, these may be one of your best choices.

On the other hand, perhaps your group is “Loud and Proud”. If you want a more aggressive look, the GRUNGE collection may be in order.

 Custom Design Lab

Notice how the typography supports both a more active sense of style but also carries the sense of motion (and in this case) rough action of the activity.

Rankin’s custom design Lab is intended for those customers who want a ready library of easy to use graphics and fonts. If you’re not sure where to start, these tools are for you.


As part of Rankin’s professional service, we offer advice making sure you’ll be happy with the results. Along with designing hats, shirts, jerseys and team apparel, reproduction is as much art as science. It’s our job to understand the materials and the process to applying your artwork. Some fonts and designs that look great using dye-sublimation will be less successful in embroidery simply based on their differences in process. You can always count on your friendly and knowledgeable Rankin Techs to point you in the right direction.




Moments that Happen Only Once

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Photo Panel Sublimation

We know family and friends make almost any time special. But there are those moments that you plan weeks and months ahead, and suddenly they’re gone. Weddings, Junior Prom, High School Senior Ball. Its funny, we take more pictures than ever before and then they stay trapped in our phones. Set those images free!

You could just print and mount them. At least you could see them that way, but don’t your special times deserve to be preserved? We all enjoy reliving these moments in photos but most photo reproduction methods are delicate. Light, heat and moisture are their constant enemies.

But Rankin Textile has an amazing solution, Dye-Sublimation…on metal! That’s right, these beautiful photo-prints are reproduced on a metal substrate of either white or silver, creating striking color and clarity. Not only that but they’re amazingly stable. Rankin Techs use guaranteed Chromaluxe® products. These have proven to be the world’s most durable photo-medium available. Moisture resistant, fade resistant and easy to handle. Cleaning can be performed with a simple damp cloth. No chemicals or sprays. (Could that get any easier?)

And, thanks to the nature of the materials, Chromaluxe® metal prints can be inserted into frames or mounted directly to walls. With complete edge-to-edge printing beautiful photo-montages for large spaces can be created in your home or office. With multiple prints used to produce a continuous image or (for the more adventurous) create a large pattern and break it up with smaller images. Your Rankin Tech will be happy to advise you on how to select, crop and insert those images that mean so much to you.

Don’t allow your favorite peeps to hide away in your phone or computer. Friends, wife, husband, brides and grandkids…Let those images out to play! Relive the best times of your life and show your family and friends just how much they mean to you!

Cycling Jerseys

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 Cycling Jersey Sublimation


Dear Cyclists, if you’re among the tens of thousands of cyclists in the United States who’ve gotten out (or hidden indoors) during the long-cold winter months, its time to celebrate! Spring is finally here and Rankin Textile is ready to take care of you! Your chosen-sport is truly challenging! Whether you’re climbing or hammering a long-flat, there are dangers at every turn. At Rankin Textile, we’re all about fun and safety, but no one wants to wear a safety vest and cover that great looking jersey. So please consider adding reflective materials to your designs. Our Rankin Techs know just how to do it and maximize your bragging rights for making such a stylish choice and wisdom for keeping you and your team-mates safe.

Because cycling is demanding, bike jersey manufacturers have taken time to create unique apparel for your needs; Snug fit to reduce chaffing; Longer tails to cover you while positioned-forward (nobody wants carpenter’s-crack on a bike), specialized pockets on your jersey-back and material to wick away the moisture. But all of those “specialties” have to be planned for when your team is out shopping for new sponsorships. And you better believe that the Rankin Techs are ready. We can apply graphics to almost any material. Below are a few pointers on what kind to consider before your team purchases:

Merino wool has become popular and has a rich-feel. It takes color beautifully but keep in mind this is one of the most expensive materials available and its relative weight compared to lycra and polyester is heavy. This is a hand-wash only item.

Sport wool (a combination of wool and polypropylene) shares much of the same characteristics of Merino but is normally less form-fitting). This is a hand-wash only item.

Polyester is no longer just for “leisure suits”. Modern materials are nearly indistinguishable from lycra or microfiber and many carry anti-bacterial qualities (which is nice to consider while you’re in the saddle for a sweaty-century). These materials are excellent at wicking away moisture and will fight both sweat and rain to help keep you dry. They’re also our personal favorites for holding outstanding, brilliant graphics.

If you need specs to share with your sponsors on providing the best files for reproduction, please contact us at 203-743-1317. We’ll be happy to send you a list to share.

Rankin Textile performs custom color matches and can advise you on the best fabrics and colors for your needs. Specialty threads, Metallics, 3-D Embroidery and custom fills are all available when working with Rankin Textile. If you’d prefer to do the designing yourself, go to Rankin’s Custom Design Lab and get started. You can begin with a “Blank Canvas” or use “Design Templates”. Start an account with Rankin and our system will save your artwork for future use.

Remember, there’s NEVER a set-up charge and shipping on orders over $99 is FREE!