Rush Orders - Printing

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 Rush Order Tees

Yes, it WOULD be wonderful if life went exactly as planned and you had all the time you’d ever want to plan for birthdays, events and holidays. But since that almost NEVER happens, let’s talk about RUSH orders!

Life is busy. And with all the pressure of:

  • Keeping the boss happy…
  • Making your company…
  • Team or family deadlines…
  • End of school year graduations…
  • Wedding season and…
  • OMG is that the 4th of July right around the corner?!

Sometimes, finding time to design and then ORDER your apparel falls to the bottom of the stack.

So before you break out in a cold sweat, just pick up the phone.

It’s Rankin to the Rescue!

Our Rankin Techs understand how to get the job done and make YOU look good. Experienced in all the latest techniques; Dye SublimationAll-over Printing, and multiple means of image transfer, we got this for you.

Rush services are packaged by 1-week and 3-day options. Charges are quoted to fit you specific project but one thing Rankin NEVER charges for set-up and shipping for orders over $99 is FREE!

We can help you with the design, you can send your own completed or use our online design lab when signing up for a FREE account

Cycling Jerseys

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 Cycling Jersey Sublimation


Dear Cyclists, if you’re among the tens of thousands of cyclists in the United States who’ve gotten out (or hidden indoors) during the long-cold winter months, its time to celebrate! Spring is finally here and Rankin Textile is ready to take care of you! Your chosen-sport is truly challenging! Whether you’re climbing or hammering a long-flat, there are dangers at every turn. At Rankin Textile, we’re all about fun and safety, but no one wants to wear a safety vest and cover that great looking jersey. So please consider adding reflective materials to your designs. Our Rankin Techs know just how to do it and maximize your bragging rights for making such a stylish choice and wisdom for keeping you and your team-mates safe.

Because cycling is demanding, bike jersey manufacturers have taken time to create unique apparel for your needs; Snug fit to reduce chaffing; Longer tails to cover you while positioned-forward (nobody wants carpenter’s-crack on a bike), specialized pockets on your jersey-back and material to wick away the moisture. But all of those “specialties” have to be planned for when your team is out shopping for new sponsorships. And you better believe that the Rankin Techs are ready. We can apply graphics to almost any material. Below are a few pointers on what kind to consider before your team purchases:

Merino wool has become popular and has a rich-feel. It takes color beautifully but keep in mind this is one of the most expensive materials available and its relative weight compared to lycra and polyester is heavy. This is a hand-wash only item.

Sport wool (a combination of wool and polypropylene) shares much of the same characteristics of Merino but is normally less form-fitting). This is a hand-wash only item.

Polyester is no longer just for “leisure suits”. Modern materials are nearly indistinguishable from lycra or microfiber and many carry anti-bacterial qualities (which is nice to consider while you’re in the saddle for a sweaty-century). These materials are excellent at wicking away moisture and will fight both sweat and rain to help keep you dry. They’re also our personal favorites for holding outstanding, brilliant graphics.

If you need specs to share with your sponsors on providing the best files for reproduction, please contact us at 203-743-1317. We’ll be happy to send you a list to share.

Rankin Textile performs custom color matches and can advise you on the best fabrics and colors for your needs. Specialty threads, Metallics, 3-D Embroidery and custom fills are all available when working with Rankin Textile. If you’d prefer to do the designing yourself, go to Rankin’s Custom Design Lab and get started. You can begin with a “Blank Canvas” or use “Design Templates”. Start an account with Rankin and our system will save your artwork for future use.

Remember, there’s NEVER a set-up charge and shipping on orders over $99 is FREE!

Spring Break Custom Printing Specials

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Dye Sublimation

Ok, so you’re heading out for spring break to someplace sunny. Now we both know there are some things you might not want to have recorded. But, pics of you and your friends on the beach or just having fun are a different story.

Bring back some of the sunshine (and keep the sand off your desk) with a wrap-around mug or new lap-top skin.

Hey, you survived Spring Break with your buddies. Why not continue to enjoy it when you get back home or to school?

Dye-sublimation allows your creativity to expand beyond average boarders and completely wrap-around almost any item or piece of apparel. And with Rankin Techs at the helm, not only are you assured of great service and excellent price, but our printing method leaves no obvious texture. So application to shirts, hats, mugs and yes, even lap-top computers, will never interfere with the functionality. You’ll get your item back working just as well as ever. But it will never be mistaken for anyone else’s again!

Got a big idea for a big design, go to Rankin’s Custom Design Lab and get started. Choose to start with a “Blank Canvas” or go to “Design Templates”. If you’ve been here before, you can even return to artwork you’ve saved. No matter If ya need help, an experienced Rankin Specialist will be here to help you every step of the way.

Be LOUD - All Over Dye Sublimation Printing

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All Over Tshirt Pritning

Yes indeed, a simple, tastefully placed logo is definitely appreciated, and if that’s what you want we’d be happy to help you. But sometimes ya just wanna make a statement. For those times when you’d like your shirt to scream all by its self…YOU my friend are in for a treat…All Over Dye Sublimation.

Complete wrap-around printing produces, HUGE graphics that scream your message and are can’t help but be noticed. T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Tank tops, Hoodies, Ball Caps, Laptops and the list goes on. If you can wear it or carry it, Rankin can probably print it.

Are you and your friends crazy about a sports team? We can plaster it all over your new hoodies. Are you the neighborhood “Grill-Master? Let’s turn up the heat on an all over printed T-Shirt. Looking for a specialty design for your team Ball-caps? We’re all over it like peanut butter on jelly.

Got a big idea for a big design, go to Rankin’s Custom Design Lab and get started. Choose to start with a “Blank Canvas” or go “Design Templates”. If you’ve been here before, you can even return to artwork you’ve saved. No matter If ya need help, an experienced Rankin Specialist will be here to help you every step of the way.