Dye Sublimation

Ok, so you’re heading out for spring break to someplace sunny. Now we both know there are some things you might not want to have recorded. But, pics of you and your friends on the beach or just having fun are a different story.

Bring back some of the sunshine (and keep the sand off your desk) with a wrap-around mug or new lap-top skin.

Hey, you survived Spring Break with your buddies. Why not continue to enjoy it when you get back home or to school?

Dye-sublimation allows your creativity to expand beyond average boarders and completely wrap-around almost any item or piece of apparel. And with Rankin Techs at the helm, not only are you assured of great service and excellent price, but our printing method leaves no obvious texture. So application to shirts, hats, mugs and yes, even lap-top computers, will never interfere with the functionality. You’ll get your item back working just as well as ever. But it will never be mistaken for anyone else’s again!

Got a big idea for a big design, go to Rankin’s Custom Design Lab and get started. Choose to start with a “Blank Canvas” or go to “Design Templates”. If you’ve been here before, you can even return to artwork you’ve saved. No matter If ya need help, an experienced Rankin Specialist will be here to help you every step of the way.