High Visibility Apparel

According to OSHA, high visibility is highly important.

For companies in construction, directing or interacting with traffic and emergency situations, use of reflective apparel is often more than a good idea. It’s a requirement.

Rankin Textile carries vests and shirts meeting Class 2 and Class 3 guidelines

Where and when?

Class 2 apparel is designed for moderate risk situations including: School walk way crossings; parking lots; directing traffic. Due to lesser risks, these vests and shirts are smaller than Class 3. These are also excellent options for walkers, runners and joggers looking for greater visibility for increased safety on the road they share with motor vehicles.

Class 3 apparel is designed for greater visibility in situations of heavy weather such as blizzard and hurricane. They are also intended for use by traffic and construction workers in high speed areas such as freeways and high ways. Class 3 are also intended for use by emergency personnel such as EMTs, Firefighters and Police.

Both shirts and vests can be branded with company or division logos.

Remember, there’s NEVER a set-up charge and shipping orders over $99.00 is FREE!