Specialty T-Shirts

OK, let’s just talk straight here. Dear Bride, your wedding party is very excited for you. Everyone believes you two are made for each other AND they’re looking forward to dancing at the biggest party of your life. And while the gents will be dashing in their tuxedoes, your girls are gonna get those dresses. We KNOW you think they’re wonderful, but…

Even though bride’s maid dresses will NEVER be worn again they are a tradition. So go one better and reward them with something they WILL keep and wear…A REALLY COOL SPECIALTY SHIRT.

Unique t-shirts for all of these special days are a great way to remember these milestones and set the stage for fun photography. From the engagement party to the wedding day, you can enjoy every step of the way with your family and friends and Rankin would be happy to help with our Specialty T-Shirt lines.

Starting with your engagement party.

Is your style SWEET?

 Specialty T-Shirts


 Specialty T-Shirts


Giving your wedding party, parents and grandparents something to remember and images to share and cherish is part of your thoughtfulness (and maybe a reward for making them wear those dresses)! Rankin will be happy to help you plan and design something that fits exactly what you had in mind.

Dye sublimation (aka “All over printing”), Embroidery or Sublitwill, Rankin Techs will recommend the process that best fits your idea and budget. Hey, you might even consider alternatives like ball caps to add a little flair to your fun.

Just let us know what you have in mind or if you’re at a loss. Rankin has produced LOTS of specialty pieces for events and teams over the years and we’re confident we can spark your creativity! Talk with us and create a specialty shirt or other piece of apparel that will commemorate your special days-to-come.