Using Print and Cut for Banners 

Banners are widely used for sporting events, business sales, school functions and trade show displays. Rankin Textile Printing produces these through a large format print process, so full color is always available.

Most banners are produced on reinforced vinyl substrates. The most economical is a 13oz. weight made specifically for indoor use but we commonly carry up to 16 and 18 oz. for exterior display.

Things to consider while preparing your order:

  • Layout: Because grommets are so commonly used for mounting banners some space should be left at the edges. This space can contain printed images but critical information (like a phone number) should be kept at least 2 inches away from the edge. If your banner uses images that go past the edge (this is known as the “bleed” area) we recommend they extend one-half-inch
  • Size: What are the dimensions of the area used to display the new banner? You’ll want to allow some space around it in order to secure the banner in place. Banner dimensions may also have an impact on the need for alternate materials, additional grommets and vents (see below).
  • Mounting: Rankin banners traditionally come with metal grommets, which allow the customer to secure the banner in place. In some cases additional grommets can be added or another mounting method may be considered. Depending on the environment, the best method to mount a banner may be Velcro or double-sided tape. In some settings a combination of grommets and pocket-weights is the best option. Be sure to indicate these needs to your Rankin Tech.
  • Indoor or Outdoor: Specifying where the banner will be displayed determines the type of materials used to produce it. Banners produced for indoor use are usually less expensive and exterior banners are more durable.
  • Edging: Banner edges can be either trimmed flush or rolled and hemmed. Flush-trimmed edges are the most economical choice while rolled and hemmed edges provide a very clean and finished look, significantly improving lifespan and durability.
  • Airflow: This is about WHERE the banner will be displayed. If against an office wall, no serious amount of air movement is expected. However, if it’s to be mounted between 2 pillars in an open field or a roadway bridge where wind can become an issue, there are ways to address this with Mesh, Vents and additional Grommets. Ask your Rankin Tech for help in planning.
  • Grommets: The most commonly used mounting method, metal Grommets deliver a clean and finished look while also providing durable anchor points. Alternate methods of mounting are available if needed.
  • Lower pocket-weight: Used where the banner will be secured at the top and hang. The material edge is rolled to the back and secured by either tape or stitching to create a small “pocket”. Often a dowel is inserted to provide weight, which allows the banner some ability to move and hang straight.

Specialty: With more than 40 years in the business, Rankin Techs have produced thousands of banners and solved many problems for clients. If you need backdrops, large canvas prints or some other specialty use, be sure to contact us directly. We enjoy helping our customers!

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