All Over Printing

Wrap-Around or All Over Printing are common terms for dye sublimation.

The process of dye sublimation on apparel opens a world of possibilities to customers and designers. Unlike the uses of screen-printing or embroidery, dye sublimation allows the customer to produce full color, wrap-around designs. Designs are printed first to a transfer material, which is then matched by hand to 100% polyester shirts and other apparel.

Because the process can cover an entire shirt, the open neck and facing interior back panel are protected with a specially fitted mask to avoid color transfers to these areas. Pressure and heat (approximately 400°) convert the dyes to a gas, trapping it into the fabric, which ensures excellent color transfer.

Every process has limitations. As the Rankin Textile techs work on customer orders, its best for customers to keep a few things in mind while placing orders or planning their own designs:

  • All pieces are produced, handled and inspected individually, so variations in placement are to be expected.
  • During dye sublimation on shirts and other wearable items, fabric is laid flat and gently stretched.
  • Where folds occur, (such as seams and armpits), some areas are NOT exposed to the transfer image. Because these areas are not exposed they will have “image gaps” where the original color of the fabric shows.
  • While dye sublimation can be printed to colored shirts, using white shirts will provide the most vibrant color.
  • Dye sublimation to apparel creates no texture so the feel of the fabric is continuous.

 Dye sublimation to apparel creates no texture. So the feel of the fabric is continuous.  Turn your imagination loose and ask Rankin’ about your latest All Over designs!



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