About Us

 Rankin Textile Printing


The “Rankin Story” is one of forward-thinking. In 1971, Andrew Rankin started his business in photography and photo-supplies based in Danbury, Connecticut and focused on commercial customers and typesetters. By 1988, the business had grown to include sporting goods and apparel. Andrew knew that by continuously adding smart, talented people to their workforce, Rankin would remain at the forefront of their industry.

As a true-blue youth sports fan, Andrew developed roots in the community. By giving his time and attention to the endeavors that help so many young-people develop team skills, Andrew was honored by his high school in Wappingers Falls, New York. In 2008 he was inducted into their Sports Hall of Fame.

Thanks to our team’s eye for detail and constant efforts to improve our customers’ experience, in 2015 we launched a new division: Rankin Textile Printing. The explosive growth and demand for attractive custom apparel has fueled an even greater focus on service. Rankin Textile continues to ensure that we’ll bring you a tremendous array of options and advice on meeting your needs for top-of-the-line team apparel.

Unlike big-box corporate groups, The Rankin Team still serves customers with a personal touch. It’s this kind of welcoming attitude that makes a lasting impression on so many first-time customers, and brings them back. Now, more than 40 years later, Rankin Textile Printing remains family owned and operated. By always researching and learning about the best new technology and techniques, Rankin produces an astounding array of team jerseys, hats, jackets, stickers, banners and a wide variety of t-shirts and more. That alone would be enough to keep most companies busy. But for Rankin, it’s about more than putting your graphics on fabric. There are so many opportunities to add life to your company logo or event apparel; From wrap-around printing and reflective media to tackle twill and 3D embroidery, Rankin Techs enjoy offering their experience to customers and advising them on how to make their apparel make an impact!